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Friday, 11 March 2011

Hi again , Last week i got sms from Naza TTDI regarding their latest house launching, TTDI Grove. Since i pun tgh house hunting , pegi la ke office Naza di Shah Alam, (near Giant Shah Alam).

Respond was quiet good, arrive at 10 AM, and already saw a lot of people queuing, after registering you will be assigned a number,there is is a total of 54 unit so the number is up to 54. The house size is 22x75, but the built up is 1800++sqft. after waiting for about 2 hours my number was call to meet with the SA.

 Here there is a  surpises wait for me hehe. Initially from the sms i received , stated the price is 380k, but most of the unit price there start at 420 k...huhu, there is only 2 380K unit and face a junction....ive been punked...haha. The house design was quite ok, something refreshing and new although is not  a "Alam Impian" design. By the way this is only the 1st phase, got a lot more after this, Naza plan to develop a whole township here and looking at their master plan its kinda promising.

 For booking you need to prepare 10k bank draft. On the launching day, there is 3% discount and free SPA fees. For bumi's you will get  7% discount so plus the 3% you can use it as your downpayment and your 10k will be refund after the 1st loan disbursment (at least this is what told by the SA :)). The house is located just next to cheras kajang highway just after prima saujana ( Unity Design office ;p). Location is really good because of easy access to Kajang , Cheras  and KL using grand saga and  u can use silk to enter KL through The mines sri kembangan,

IMO in term of location this is much better choice than Kajang 2 or Hillpark, and all the basic aminities is nearby, Mcd, Giant (Prima Saujana), Tesco (Saujana Impian).

Can you see Kajang prison hehe
Of course i wont be bias, for the cons, its situated near Kajang prison ( if you worried about feng shui), and for the 1st phase , the land is kinda low, the slope next to the road is about 20-30 feet, not sure what Naza gonna do about this since i saw from the their township model, there is no slope. Anyway picture follow peeps

No modern design here

This what left on day 2 launching, left 1 intermediate unit and a few end and cornet unit.The  2 unit facing junction is the cheapest 360k

The newest launching is phase 3 its on a higher ground, as you can see there is a man made lake, based on Naza reputation, this gonna be breathtaking.
3rd Phase called Dhania, Im not sure why Naza launch 3rd phase 1st not 2nd. Anyway the price start at 450k, Land size is 20x75, but with a bigger buildup 2000sqft.

FOr booking and contacts:


T. +603 5101 5787 / 1300-88-8834 
F. +603 5511 1990


Matjoe 28 March 2011 at 00:23  

dah post comment here rasanya tadi. tu laa kajang skng pun dah appreciate harga rumahnya

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