Bangsar South pedestrian walkway

Sunday, 24 April 2011

This might not be as famous as the 100 million pedestrian walkway, but nonetheless its one of the significant project in Bangsar South. This 200 m bridge link Kerinchi Lrt station to The Sphere building in Bangsar South. Before this the nearest Lrt station is Universiti Station and you need to jog for about 20 minutes to reach there from Bangsar South ( i mean walking but youll be sweating like jogging along the roadside). This is also enable people in Pantai Dalam to board the train in  Kerinchi station. this is not possible before not by walking at least. I will show how its look like if you need to go to Bangsar South from Kerinchi Lrt Station

You disembark from Lrt , walking out of plaza Pantai, wallah you already see  Bangsar South, The Sphere. Turn right and youll see the old bridge that cross "she that should always be jammed" (federal highway)

On the bridge , the bridge is more than 10 years old, i used to use this bridge  to go to school, sek kebangsaan bangsar. uhh i miss my squatters day.

View from the bridge, Plaza Pantai is on the left, its mostly empty,but i bet it will not be for long, thanks to the new bridge.If you squint your eyes enough you can see midvalley in the horizon.

ops, the link from the old bridge to the new bridge is not open yet still under construction, i bet UOA is waiting for more water fish to dump money into their project.

Tadaaa, view from side, beautiful eh, no wonder condo in bangsar South reaching 600 psf


MACY 'S Sale

Friday, 22 April 2011

I dont really know anything about curtain,  so it caught me by surprise when knowing that the cost can reach 4 figure for a custom made curtain and railing for the whole house. So for my new house i decided to use ready made curtain and install myself the curtain railing. Railing is cheap, around rm1-2 per meter, but ready made curtain is still expensive.  Got email from shopping n sales regarding macy warehouse sale. Take a half day leave to check it out. Lets check some of my haul's

I bought for the whole house, french plate curtain +day curtain

This one is impulse buying, final price is 2k, 70% discount, i guess no one can resist hehe.
Macy warehouse sale going to be my annual event from now.


Moving BEYOND for free

Monday, 18 April 2011

One of the issue if you moving to a new house is how to move your ASTRO dish. A quick surf on ASTRO website shown that they do offered this service with a charge of course.

You have to fork out RM150 for dismantle and re-installation.  You can get it cheaper if  you use independent contractor around rm80 -rm100. So i call ASTRO to book the service and to my surprise for BEYOND they didnt charge any fee for relocation.. It was a pleasent surprise knowing ASTRO reputation as a blood sucker...hehe. I guess the extra rm 20 i paid every month for BEYOND is worth it after all.


Yup i know, its been a while

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Yup, its been a while since i  touch my blog, sorry for that, the reason is my streamyx has  been disconnected because i transferred it to my new home. I got a few interesting entry coming up. Stay tuned.


Berjimat di bulan Februari

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Entry kali ni agak outdated, sbb sekarang dah bulan Mac...hehe. Anyway just nak share pasal diskaun yg Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) bagi pada bulan Februari lepas sempena hari wilayah persekutuan

Yang aku nak highlightkan ialah ini

  • Diskaun 50% bagi penyewaan dewan dan kemudahn DBKLsepanjang bulan feb 

Maknenye korang bole dpt diskaun 50% kalo sewa dewan dbkl sepanjang bulan February, eventhough korang buat tempahan sebelum bulan Februari. Alkisahnye one of my friend tempahlah dewan dbkl ni untuk kenduri kahwin pada bulan Feb.Total die kene bayar dlm Rm 1300 utk 2 hari tapi disebabkan ade diskaun ni DBKL refund balik 50%, so die dapat balik cash rm650. Fuhhh untungkan sewa dewan (Ade aircond) murah pastu dapat duit balik.So bagi sesiape yg nak kawen next year tu, bole lah book dewan dbkl utk Feb 2012.Jimat banyak weiiiii.


Plaster siling murah /Cheap plaster ceiling

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Ini adalah one the entry for my house renovation, bole jadi panduan berguna pada org lain and for me to keep track on all the contacts and details (mana la tau pasni beli rumah semi d plak ...hehe).1st entry adalh pasal plaster siling, since ini lah kriteria paling utama. Nak cari kontraktor buat ps ni leceh gak, sbb sebelum buat plaster siling kene buat wiring dulu utk semua downlight dan tambah extra suis dan biasanye kontraktor yg buat plaster siling ni x buat wiring so kene cari org lain.

Gamabr hiasan,Nak buat L box macam ni la kat living room
So terpaksala blog hopping nak cari info kontraktor PS yg murah. Most yg dapat quote 2-3 k utk l box living room shj tu x termasuk wiring tu huhu.Akhirnya dpt contact sorang mamat indonesia ni, die biasenye buat dekat area taman melati kl. So apalagi set appointment utk die dtg rumah. Janji dtg pukul 4, dekat 6.30 petang baru die sampai, memang agak hampes, tapi mengenangkan die die bole bagi murah sabarkan je la. Lepas explain serba sedikit  die pun bagi quote harga utk L box dekat living room+ downlight point lebeh kurang 1.2k. Wow agak terkasima aku kat situ, sbb harga yg murah, harga ni pun include wiring sekali. Disebabkan harga yg murah ni aku pun gatal mulut suh die quotekan sekali utk master bedroom dgn kitchen.
and harga still murah dari budget aku...hehe.

L box dah siap tinggal pasang lampu
Ini suggestion kontraktor  tu, pasang lampu warm light (orange). Kalo tgk tv lampu lain bole tutup pasang lampu ni je.

Final result
Alhamdullilah siap jugak akhirnya, sgt rekemen kontraktor sbb keje yg kemas dan harga yg murah. Siap buat extra work lagi pasang lampu2 ,kipas, railing langsir without extra charge.


Bayu Sekamat by Mah Sing

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Finally, the long awaited house development by Mahsing, Bayu Sekamat . The sale preview was held at Hijauan Residence Cheras. Ive been eyeing on this project since last year, since the price tag on the website was 350k. Based on its location (sg sekamat, near saujana impian,kajang) this is the cheapest new launch terrace house for this year.

Only 42 unit, there is no 2nd phase

The land size is 20x70 but the built up is 1900++sqft. The price start at 342k (bumi) if you come before 10 AM, after that the price was increase to 362k (facing houses), 372k(facing open field).There is discount of 20k given on the 1st day launch that can be deducted from your 10% downpayment. Booking is Rm 500.

As you can see this is what left after 12 PM on the 1st day launching. House number 29 to 42 will be facing open field. House number 29-33 will be having extra view of septic tank and a " electric tower" .And for this  house  row make sure you put your car handbrake when parking outside since its on a slope. The open field , is Mah Sing land, going to be develop soon, semi d perhaps.

Standard spec, except for the fence, you be getting standard green wire fence between houses and also at the back (aiyoo Mah Sing so kedekut)
oh yea forgot to mention, this project near to proposed taman koperasi cuepacs MRT station ( about 2km). hehehe.


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