Bangsar South pedestrian walkway

Sunday, 24 April 2011

This might not be as famous as the 100 million pedestrian walkway, but nonetheless its one of the significant project in Bangsar South. This 200 m bridge link Kerinchi Lrt station to The Sphere building in Bangsar South. Before this the nearest Lrt station is Universiti Station and you need to jog for about 20 minutes to reach there from Bangsar South ( i mean walking but youll be sweating like jogging along the roadside). This is also enable people in Pantai Dalam to board the train in  Kerinchi station. this is not possible before not by walking at least. I will show how its look like if you need to go to Bangsar South from Kerinchi Lrt Station

You disembark from Lrt , walking out of plaza Pantai, wallah you already see  Bangsar South, The Sphere. Turn right and youll see the old bridge that cross "she that should always be jammed" (federal highway)

On the bridge , the bridge is more than 10 years old, i used to use this bridge  to go to school, sek kebangsaan bangsar. uhh i miss my squatters day.

View from the bridge, Plaza Pantai is on the left, its mostly empty,but i bet it will not be for long, thanks to the new bridge.If you squint your eyes enough you can see midvalley in the horizon.

ops, the link from the old bridge to the new bridge is not open yet still under construction, i bet UOA is waiting for more water fish to dump money into their project.

Tadaaa, view from side, beautiful eh, no wonder condo in bangsar South reaching 600 psf


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